The Asiatica Film Festival is directed by Italo Spinelli and his collaborators. The main financing is provided by public administrations, associations, private sponsors and crowdfunding.

For 19 years, the Asiatica Film Festival has combined films and presentations by literary authors from the Asian world, promoting and supporting the diffusion of Asian cultural expressions in Rome. The original idea was to build an innovative channel of communication with the Asian continent to spread awareness of its socio-cultural and economic situation, through different art forms. Every year, Asiatica presents about 50 unpublished productions, inclu­ding feature films, short films and documentaries alongside with traditional dance performances and live performances. Asiatica also hosts outstanding personalities from many fields, called to discuss the social and cultural changes going on in the majority of the Asian countries, and their relations with Europe and Italy.

The 19th Asiatica Film Festival will be held from Thursday, October 4th to Wednesday, October 10th, 2018 at the amazing location of Cinema Nuovo Sacher in Largo Ascianghi 1 (Trastevere), for a total of six days. From Monday, October 1st till the end of the festival (Wednesday, October 10th) there will be a lot of related events (exhibitions and presen- tations of various art features always connected to the Asian world) at We Gill in Largo Ascianghi 5.

The Festival is divided in three sections, including “Fiction Films”, “Documentaries” and “Shorts”.

The selection of the films, which is final and binding, is conducted by the Festival Organizers. Entry to the Competition is open to feature-length films and documentaries released in the year 2018. Terms of acceptance of feature-lenght films are from Saturday, September 30th 2017 to Tuesday, May 15th 2018. Otherwise the same for documentaries and shorts is from Sunday, Junuary 1st 2017 to Tuesday, May 15th 2018. The Festival will nominate an International Jury composed of at least five people. The Jury will award the Best Film prize.

Registration is free of charge Copyright holders of the films who intend to participate in the Festival (in any section) must send a DVD, a streaming link or upload a file. The screener of the film must be sent to the following address: Asiatica Film Festival via Garibaldi 22 00153 Rome Italy The streaming links (Vimeo or others) should be sent to the following email address: The shipping costs of all materials submitted for selection are to be covered by the entrants. The DVDs of the films which are not selected will not be returned.

The program and screening times will be established by the Festival Organizers. All the films will be screened in their original version with Italian subtitles. The Festival Organizers will publish a general catalog of all the participating films. Copyright holders of the films participating in the Festival are asked to deposit the DVD or the file which was sent for the selection process in the Festival Archive or in another local film archive, for study purposes only. The selection of the films, which is final and binding, is conducted by the Festival Organizers. The Jury, which will be composed of no fewer than three people nominated by the Festival Organizers, will choose the winning film from a shortlist compiled by the Festival Organizers from films presented in the various sections.

Shipping costs to and from Rome will be covered by the entrant, except when other agreements have been made with the Festival Organizers. Films and videos are covered by an “all damages” insurance policy (including loss and theft) underwritten by the Festival while in their keeping. In case of misplacement or damage, the Festival Organizers will be responsible for the cost of re-striking a copy according to current Italian rates. These regulations have been drawn up in Italian and English. In case of dispute, the Ita­lian version will be final. Application for entry to the Festival constitutes unconditional agreement to all the regulations herein, in agreement with the international F.I.A.P.F. regulations. The Festival Organizers reserve the right to make decisions on matters not specified herein.